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by Janis Hutchinson

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Ms. Hutchinson holds a B.Th. and M.A. in Theology, and is a frequent speaker on radio talk shows, in college classrooms, churches and seminars, and has personally counseled former cult members.

Her book, Out of the Cults and into the Church (Kregel 1994), is the first book to detail the difficult problems ex-cultists face, particularly in adjusting to Christian churches. The book is also designed so that it can be handed to new converts who will, for the first time, be able to understand their problems, and why they are having them.

She is also author of, The Mormon Missionaries: An inside look at their real message and methods (Kregel 1995), and a Spanish version, Misioneros Mormones. This book unmasks the evangelizing plans of Mormon missionaries, reveals step-by-step procedures and strategies, and exposes purposely concealed doctrines. This book is a must for anyone investigating the Mormon Church. It is also excellent for ex-Mormons, who need confirmation that they made the right choice in leaving.

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