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Are you questioning Mormonism? Would you like one-on-one help? Click here.





Yvonne Gibbs, former Mormon This site focuses on the vast difference
between Mormonism and what the Bible teaches.
Contains articles, also free e-books.
Click photo to go to:


Steve Hassan, M.Ed. LMHC, NCC
Freedom of Mind Resource Center
Former Moonie, and licensed mental health counselor with
over 30 years of experience helping ex-cult members.
Click photo to go to:


A Shield & Refuge Ministries
A Christ-centered ministry of hope and restoration for victims of
Mormon Fundamentalism and polygamy.
Click photo to go to:


Click photo to go to:


Our ministry, New Life Outreach, is to reach those coming out
of Mormonism and any other Non-Biblical organization. We are
willing to mentor anyone that is in need, either via email or in
person. We are starting support groups in the Northern Utah
area and invite anyone that wants to fellowship to visit us at
New Life Christian Store, 1550 N Main St. Layton, Utah, in
Liberty Plaza. Contact Kevin at:


Latayne C. Scott has published four books about Mormonism and cults:
The Mormon Mirage (Zondervan); and Why We Left Mormonism, Why We
Left a Cult, and After Mormonism, What? (all Baker Books); as well as
seven other Christian books; poetry, magazine articles, and other works.
The Mormon Mirage will be released in 2008 in an updated edition by
Zondervan, and her novel, The Latter-day Cipher, a literary suspense work
about Mormonism, will be released by Moody Publishers early 2009.

Her Web site: has reviews of fiction about cults, a blog
entitled, "365 Reasons Why I Won't Return to Mormonism" (which features
comments by Janis and others) and an "Incite" blog.

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